Welcome to Dorset Aqua Dogs


Now operating at Dorset Aqua Dogs -

Petcare Professionals offering
Pet Care Services including:
Tick Removal
Nail Clipping
Anal Glands
Ear Cleaning

Dog grooming.

Puppy Training and Puppy Parties

Veterinary Nurse Clinic Available for:

Puppy, Kitten, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Ferret,
Geriatric, Arthritis, Nutrition, Vaccination advice,
Weight, Dental Hygiene and Cleaning, Fleas and Worms

Please phone Sarra on 01929 472591 / 07854 422704
or visit our web site at: www.petcareprofessionals.co.uk



Chartered Physiotherapist Kate Fisher from the Newland Physiotherapy practice now runs a clinic at Dorset Aqua Dogs
For further information about the physiotherapy please go to www.newlandphysio.co.uk


Happy Backs Monthly Dog Clinics

Like people, animals can suffer from back, neck, pelvic and musculoskeletal problems.

Mctimoney animal manipulationis a non-invasive, drug free physical therapy that enables realignment of the skeletal system and releases muscle pain.

Joint Manipulation, Massage, Mobilisation & Stretching techniques are used to release muscle spasm which helps to restore movement and ease discomfort

£20 per dog and times available between 10am and 1pm

For further information please visit www.townesendtherapy.co.uk and please contact Tiggy on 07977 585379 or by email tiggytownsend@btinternet.com for additional information and dates of sessions at Dorset Aqua Dogs